SimplyGeo - intuitive spatial data browser

New challenges in displaying spatial data


With the increased volume of spatial data, the technology for displaying it often lags far behind. Browsers implemented years ago often have outdated interfaces that are not mobile-friendly and are difficult to navigate.


While acquiring and feeding clients' browsers with data, we have observed that the scope of spatial data for display is limited and does not allow, for example, the handling of 3D data. Therefore, we have decided to develop a responsive, intuitive, and future-proof solution capable of powering any type of data.


SimplyGeo: Your spatial data browser


SimplyGeo is an application available in a web browser for browsing and working with aerial data - photogrammetric data focusing on both vertical and oblique images. It also enables the presentation of products such as orthophoto maps, True Ortho, 3D MESH reality models, point clouds, and more. It incorporates a range of advanced tools for working with both 2D and 3D data.




  • Access to all photogrammetric products from various periods in one place.
  • Innovative ways of displaying data provide unparalleled browsing speed.
  • Ability to run on any device due to the responsive interface.
  • Ability to measure any reproduced element in vertical, oblique images, or 3D models.
  • Ability to compare archival data with current data.
  • Urban verification of new investments and the possibility of checking their impact on the existing state.


Simple interface, advanced capabilities


SimplyGeo is a browser dedicated to institutions or companies that use aerial data within the organization and for public use. The simple interface provides a low entry threshold for users, which works well for publicly shared data. SimplyGeo is designed for the display and analysis of spatial data - aerial or custom vector layers. Each user has the ability to fully leverage the potential of their own spatial data.


How do we implement SimplyGeo?


SimplyGeo can be deployed on the client's infrastructure or in the OPEGIEKA Data Center in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The technology used is compatible with many products for processing aerial, mobile, and satellite imagery. Supported map modes include, among others, orthomosaics, oblique mosaics, oblique orthoimages, 3D reality models, and point clouds.



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