Cloud-Based Solutions



The range of NUBILUM products is addressed to the customers who, regardless of their level of advancement in the informatisation process, search for innovative, reliable and secure cloud-based solutions. NUBILUM is a convergent cloud-based ecosystem implemented in the customer’s infrastructure or the infrastructure of the data centre service provider as one of the following three product variants:

  • Installed Private Cloud

Explore the possibilities offered by the NUBILUM technology by implementing it at your data processing centre. The cloud is implemented on the basis of the hardware infrastructure owned by the customer, which ensures that the data processing environment is fully isolated.

  • Hosted Private Cloud

Take advantage of the full potential regarding implementation of the NUBILUM technology without the necessity of investing in your own hardware infrastructure by implementing the system in our Datacentre infrastructure. The cloud is provided as a service, which ensures rapid and safe implementation of specific services and applications.

  • Migratable Private Cloud

The NUBILUM technology ensures that you will not be linked to one provider of a cloud-based solution. By choosing NUBILUM, you can change the provider of Datacentre infrastructure (IT platform) at any time and in any place and you can transfer your cloud, together with the relevant resources, to another provider of Datacentre services.




dc4b [Virtual Clouds]


An innovative platform providing a cloud-based service within the framework of the IaaS model. Create your own cloud architecture and manage its resources. Virtual Clouds opens up a possibility for everyone to feel like an administrator of their own IT infrastructure.


The service is settled on the basis of a subscription fee for the selected Virtual Clouds package within the validity period of your choice, which must be a minimum of one month. While selecting a package, the customers specify the period of time that they are going to use the service. It is possible to buy additional Virtual Clouds packages at any time, thereby extending the stock of available resources. In order to maintain the continuity of using the service, the validity of the package must be extended for a further period prior to the end of the previous validity period. It is the customer’s decision what packages they want to use and what period of time they want to utilise the service.


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