Who We Are

Who We Are?

We are [geo]informatics specialists. Our competences are focused on creating and developing solutions within the area related to spatial information management, geoscience and geospatial intelligence.


We are not celebrity programmers. We do not spend time drinking cold beverages, playing table football or darts. We do not count source lines of codes or how many cups of coffee we have had. What gives us a kick is solving problems, designing, developing, testing and everything that is connected with the process of creating geo.* solutions.


We are one of the four brands operating within the structures of OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o., which conducts its business activity as a full-stack company. Appropriate exploitation of the potential of IT, LAB, SKY and GEO brands, as well as effective internal cooperation result in the capability of executing complex interdisciplinary projects.

Our Activities

Nowadays, we are strongly linked to web technologies and mobile technologies, but we also enjoy working with the desktop – a good old friend of ours.


We focus on offering our own solutions, frequently based on the results of the scientific research, knowledge and experience concerning the other brands of our group, i.e. LAB/opegieka, SKY/opegieka and GEO/opegieka.


We have a few products and tools of our own, which we actively develop and use within the structures of the organisation and for the purposes of external projects. For some customers, acting as their trusted provider, we build specialised and tailor-made systems, which we later maintain and develop. We strive to ensure that our solutions are based on FOSS wherever it makes sense and to make them as simple as practically possible, but no simpler.

We have a creative approach to tasks

We use cutting-edge technologies

We are a team of experienced geoinformatics specialists

We develop innovative solutions

A few facts:

we drink a lot (only free-of-charge!) of coffee and tea

we prefer paper soccer
to table soccer

we don’t like
Times New Roman

we don’t use calendar books for other purposes than using them as monitor stands

we like starting work
between 7 am and 9 am

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Our Customers

Our customers’ satisfaction motivates us to provide the highest quality services and we make our best efforts to ensure that each of those customers has positive memories regarding their cooperation with OPEGIEKA. So far we have gained trust of numerous prominent business entities and organisations.


Aleja Tysiąclecia 11, 82-300 Elbląg


+48 55 237 60 00 / fax. +48 55 237 60 01